[Tutorial-Episode-2] Niche Selection for Micro Niche Amazon Affiliate Blogs

In this post, you will get the practical tutorial on selecting the niche for the micro niche amazon affiliate blogs with ease. 

Niche selection for the micro niche blogs

Watch The Video Tutorial in the Hindi Language

One sincere advice I would love to give you (before watching this video tutorial). Kindly turn off the caption of this video to get a better experience of learning.

Always keep the following points in mind while getting started with selecting the niche for your Amazon's affiliate marketing journey.

1. Low Competition

If you are a beginner then getting started with a low competition micro niche is highly recommended. Which I already had explained in my video tutorial (given) itself. You can visit sites like
wiki.ezvid . com ] for getting more similar ideas about the low competition micro-niche to get started.

2. High Ticket Product Which Can Give You Considerable Commissions

Many of us (human) are sometimes lazy in nature. Isn't it?
So, If you want to make better money with lesser efforts then you must go with a high ticket product.
Else, you can also choose a medium ticket product which can provide you with good commissions like 50% or even more. You can find such offers at [ JVZoo  ] with ease.

Bonus Tip: Also choose affiliate programmes like [ SEMRUSH's  Affiliate Programme ] which will provide you with the commission every month (recurring commissions).

3. Checking Its Trend

You may also wonder if even after building a proper site around the niche and providing enough quality contents you are getting almost no sales with your affiliate links. Then such scenario out of hundreds of possible reasons one reason could be its trend during that period. Hence it is also recommended to use [ Google Trends ] to dig deeper around the same.

4. Keep Testing, Analysing and Tweaking The Analytics and Using Your Common Sense

You might be wondering if one can provide you with some tips or quick process to make a living with affiliate marketing. But, this is not the case. Every expert and pro guys always keep testing & experimenting the things, analyse the data from the analytics and then using common sense. So, keep tweaking with your analytics as much as you can. Wishing you the best.

You can also watch or consume all the episodes of this blog to gain more insights.

Always Yours,
Rudrabha Mukherjee

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