[Tutorial-Episode-1] Doing Research On Competitor's On Page S.E.O Without Any Tool

In this post, you will get the practical tutorial for doing research on competitor's on page SEO (as on 22nd November 2018).

Tutorial on competitor's On-Page SEO manually without any tool

Watch The Video Tutorial Now

One sincere advice I would love to give you (before watching this video tutorial). Kindly turn off the caption of this video to get a better experience of learning. 

Here Is More About The Same

Trust me, the sites who always give more importance to the On-Page SEO get far better results than those who just try to write not so value-driven content and also try to build links for the same. 

Also, always keep this in mind if seriously want to please the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for the better rankings. (S.E.O is never only about doing content optimization for the Google search results) 
1. Write for the people first and search engine bots second. Also, S.E.O is always a game of betterment and improving your contents for the consumers.
2. Always ask to yourself if the content is giving enough value to your content consumers or not. 
A promise to you....
Watch the above tutorial and let me know your point of view on the same in the comment segment of this post. Trust me, I will keep updating you with the latest practices (whenever I will find some time) and that's too unconditionally. Because your love and respect is my oxygen.

You can also watch or consume all the episodes of this blog to gain more insights.

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Rudrabha Mukherjee

Bonus Episode : (Coming Soon) Common Characteristics of All The Successful Businessmen and Entrepreneurs. 

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